Make Your Own Torrent

You are based if you seed torrent.

Probably Someone

Torrent have a bad image when it comes to downloading thing, like movies, music and most importently ISO’s for your Linux distro.

Well, then lets not waist time and make and make some torrents.


  • Qbittorrent(client)
  • A good/reliable/fast internet connection
  • The file you want to seed

Well if you have all the above then follow the steps below.
If not then Fuck off.

  1. Open up qbittorrent and press Ctrl + n to create a new torrent.
  2. You will find the following window
    In this you need to
    • First specify the file you are trying to seed i.e. for me its arch BTW by either typing the file path or use the select file/folder button and select the file/folder,
    • Then click Calculate number of pieces
    • Check the start seeding immediately
    • Finally create the torrent by giving it an appropriate name.

Now enjoy being based by sharing the torrent file among your normie friends and convert them to being based too by sharing this blog.

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