GRUB - *Literally for coomies*

Here is a quick conversation between me and my friend about grub

> [Friend]: Hey I got this new refurbished thinkpad
            x230, what do you think? [[image attachment]]
> [Me]: Looks pretty good. Time to install some
        obscure operating system into it.
> [Friend]: Yeah :skull-emoji:
> [Me]: Let me see how you set this up after you
        are done with all the installation and shit.
> [Friend]: ok

> [Friend]: [[image attachment]]
> [Me]: Looks neat.
> [Friend]: thanks
> [Me]: What software you are using?
> [Friend]: Artix Linux with a WM.
> [Me]: And the bootloader?
> [Friend]: grub. duh!

Jk I did not block him its just satire. But I do hate grub from the bottom of my heart, even gummiboot is better than what grub offers. Here are some reasons why:

  • It’s an operating system in itself
  • The code base for this “bootloader” is larger than some actual utilities people use
  • Bloated af.
  • Tries to do everything just like systemd.

I generally avoid grub but in linux is basically the default option besides some systemd distros that come with gummiboot or some derivative of that like the d*** systemd-boot.

I generally use the base gummiboot if I am on linux and libreboot on devices that supports free software.

The sad thing is there are no good bootloader that does what the name says and nothing more, and we are stuck with this barrage of malware like systemd, grub in our systems.

I wont hate you if you just use grub or systemd -boot but you should check out some other alternatives.

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