1. Neon-Genesis Evangalion
    One of my most favorite anime of all time, it was one of the first anime that made me interested in serious topics such as mental health, trauma in an ANIME. It is very rare to see good quality anime these days. But if you are a sucker for good plot and short anime that won’t take too much dedication to watch through like me, you will love this one.

  2. Cyberpunk Edgerunners
    I just finished this anime just the day it was released. A man it was short but packed with an engaging story, at least for me (who still regrets buying the game). It doesn’t have a normal ending and would probably don’t want a sequel. But its worth the watch. Trust me you will like this.

  3. Berserk
    When it comes to some big ass motherfucker killing everyone with a big ass sword, and it fulfills all that perfectly. Tho I prefer reading the manga instead of the shitty animation but if you just want to watch the anime then go for it, it is ok nothing more than that.

  4. Code gease
    The god of actual perfect ending in an anime series, just watch it in your free time and trust me you will at-least appreciate how good the ending is compared to some modern cringe.

  5. Dororo:
    If you like non-stop action with a unique story. Dororo is for you, it has so much action, yet it maintains a decent story without being too over the top.

  6. Samurai Champloo:
    One of the best og action series and a masterpiece of a story, will definitely recommend to both normal people and cringy degenerate weebs

  7. Afro Samurai:
    Samuel L. Jackson + Samurai vibe = goofy ass anime, and I love this, tho the story in itself is lacking, I do like the fact that it is self-aware and only has like 5 episodes.

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